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Filmmaker – Director

Ever since creating my first video at 11 years old using my parents handicam to film  my two mates and I re-enacting our favourite movie scene I have been obsessed with creating videos. Over the past 7 years I have taught myself and learned from professionals on how to create high quality videos that are both engaging and entertaining.

Studying at AFTRS (film School) for 6 months made me realise my true passion which is video and business. It is for this reason why I am creating videos for successful business owners to help them leverage the most powerful marketing tool in the world…. Social Media

I specialise in working with clients in the Dent Community who are ready to use video to stand out and scale up their social media status.
After working as Glen’s videographer all year, I’ve seen the power that video content has to grow an entrepreneur’s influence and reach.
A regular schedule of video posts accelerates  engagement and sales maximising your potential reach.
Let me capture your unique story, expertise and vision to attract and engage a larger audience.